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Build lighter Elementor experiences with over twenty performance tweaks, powerful site admin tools, and amazing support.

The only performance solution designed specifically for Elementor.

As Elementor users ourselves, we’ve built in a wide range of performance tweaks and admin tools designed specifically for Elementor. With each Elementor update, ToolKit adapts along with it in order to deliver the best experience and results possible.

Recommended by Elementor

As one of the only performance and productivity plugins developed specifically for Elementor, ToolKit is proud to be on Elementor’s list of Recommended Add-ons.

Weekly Updates

ToolKit is constantly improving alongside the latest versions of WP and Elementor core. We pride ourselves on regular, weekly updates along with outstanding support.

Premium Support Included

We believe that fast, helpful support should not be an “add-on”. All ToolKit license holders get access to our Support Heroes via live chat, email, and support ticket.

Improve Core Web Vitals

Go Faster with Booster- our suite of performance tweaks designed to help optimize for Lighthouse and Core Web Vitals.

CLS image
Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS)

CLS tests the “visual stability of a page” by measuring the “unexpected shifting of web elements” while the page is being rendered in the browser.

ToolKit can help improve CLS scores by assigning height and width attributes to media, and defining a fall-back font to avoid Flash of Invisible Text (FIOT).

LCP Image
Largest Contentful Paint (LCP)

LCP is a metric that measures the render time of the largest image or text block visible within the browser viewport.

ToolKit helps improve this by preloading fonts, preloading above the fold images, dequeuing unneeded CSS & JS with Script Ninja , and working with CDN’s like Cloudflare to deliver content faster via Edge Caching.

FID Image
First Input Delay (FID)

FID measures the time from when a user first interacts with a page, to when the browser actually begins processing that event.

ToolKit helps improve FID by reducing file transfer sizes via CSS & JS minification, reducing the impact of third party code with Delay/Defer JS, and works with CDN’s like Cloudflare to offload expensive server processing tasks like caching and minification from your server to theirs.

Site admin tools that make life easier

ToolKit includes powerful admin tools that help enhance productivity while reducing the need for other plugins.

Easy Template Sharing

Quickly share saved Elementor templates across your other sites using Syncer. Simply generate a Syncer Key and connect to your other sites with a click – no cloud needed.

Secure WP Login

One of the most common attack vectors for hackers is bruteforce attacks on your wp-login url. Easily change your WP login URL to instantly stop login attacks in their tracks.

Customize WP Admin

Use Dashing to insert an Elementor template into your WP Admin Dashboard. Customize the branding of your WP login page. More options coming soon!

User Access Links

Need to share access to your WP Admin Dashboard with a support team or developer? Quickly create temporary User Access Links- no need to share your admin creds.

WP Core Manager

Disable automatic updates of WP Core, themes and plugins. Optimize the WP Heartbeat API and other background processes. Disable WP admin dashboard widgets with a few clicks.

Database Cleaner

In our Code Cleaner area, you can easily clean and optimize the WP Database with a few clicks. Clear out unused transients, old post revisions, spam comments and more.

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