Report A Bug

If you’ve already searched through our Knowledgebase and are still experiencing an odd bug or issue, please report your bug for further review by our team.

  1. Describe the issue and what led to it (steps to replicate the issue). Please be as detailed as possible.

  2. If you suspect the issue was caused by the theme or plugin you are using, please attach the name + URL of the theme/plugin.

  3. If possible, please go to ToolKit > Toolbox > Access Manager > User Access Links and create a temporary admin link with the email “”. Please provide this link in Bug Report form.

  4. Send us your system info. You can find it in under ElementorSystem info. Please use Pastebin to paste it and send it to us.

    : Set your Pastebin settings (Paste Exposure) to “Unlisted” so it isn’t listed/displayed publicly.

Report A Bug

Screenshot of issue: