ToolKit Official Changelog

v1.0.4 (6.20.2020)

  • [UPDATED] My License area updated to hide the license key.
  • [PATCHED] Fixed compatibility with WooCommerce v4.2 in certain server environments.
  • [PATCHED] Patched Booster’s Widget Manager.
  • [OPTIMIZED] General updates & optimizations.

v1.0.3 (4.07.2020)

  • [PATCHED] Fixed Widget Manager bug which kept widgets from dequeuing in certain WP environments that used a language other than English.
  • [OPTIMIZED] General updates & optimizations for Elementor v2.9.7.
  • [OPTIMIZED] General updates & optimizations for Themeless.

v1.0.2 (3.06.2020)

  • [NEW!] Successfully transitioned our licensing API over to Easy Digital Downloads. This will allow us the freedom to create new Elementor plugins while giving existing ToolKit members free access to all future plugins. It also allows us to offer better renewal options and discounts for license holders.
  • [NEW!] Widget Manager added to Booster. Users can now dequeue/disable any widget in Elementor’s editor + WordPress- including Dashboard widgets.
  • [NEW!] Unload Options now allow users to dequeue even more unneeded/unused WP files
  • [UPDATED] Themeless framework updated- works great with Elementor v2.9’s Theme Styling/Global Styling framework
  • [UPDATED] PageSpeed + YSlow recommendations are now displayed within Booster!
  • [UPDATED] Improved Google Font Combining/Handling in Booster
  • [PATCHED] Syncer is now updated to work with our new licensing API as well as recent Elementor v2.9 updates
  • [OPTIMIZED] General UI + Code tweaks + updates.
  • [OPTIMIZED] Syncer now runs 2-3x faster than in previous versions.
  • [WEBSITE UPDATE] Client Portal updated to now work with EDD’s license API.
  • [WEBSITE UPDATE] All Existing ToolKit members have been upgraded to an All Access Pass. This license type will grant free access to any upcoming plugins we release for Elementor!

v1.0.1.1 (11.01.2019)

  • [UPDATED] Patched Syncer to work with latest Elementor core update
    which impacted the theme library and how it stores templates.
  • [UPDATED] General UI & Performance Updates
  • [UPDATED] Updated Booster GTMetrix scanner

v1.0.1 (08.19.2019)

  • [UPDATED] Appearance –> Themes area styling bug when Themeless is activated/deactivated
  • [UPDATED] After running a GTMetrix scan, users have to refresh the page in order to save booster subtab settings
  • [UPDATED]   Toolbox insert Header + Footer hooks + code placement
  • [UPDATED] Dashboard styling bugs when ToolKit or Themeless is activated
  • [UPDATED] Fixed bugs regarding Global templates & styling in Theme Builder when Themeless is activated.
  • [UPDATED] Single Post Templates properly pulls in Gutenberg editor content
  • [UPDATED] Plugin Updater revamped. 1-Click Update Now enabled.
  • [OPTIMIZED] ToolKit css + js combined, merged, and optimized- resulted in 35% reduction in plugin size
  • [NEW!] Default WooCommerce Styling
  • [NEW!] Added support for over 30 new custom domain extensions for Booster’s GTMetrix Scan
  • [NEW!] Compatibility with ELE Custom Skins Plugin. “Loop” Templates added to both Syncer + Themeless
  • [NEW!] General performance updates for Booster.
  • [NEW!] Added helpful resources for NGINX AND LiteSpeed users!
  • [NEW!]    Clear Cache via new Admin Bar option

In addition to the above updates, we’ve also:

  • Removed the list of sites from the My License Tab in Toolkit. Users may now manage their license via their Account Portal on our site. This is done by logging into your Account –> Orders –> Manage License.

v1.0 (07.09.2019)

  • NOW AVAILABLE:    Initial Release of ToolKit For Elementor!