Prefetch External Resources with Headstart

Introduced in ToolKit v1.3.11, Booster > Headstart gives ToolKit users the ability to easily preconnect and prefetch external resources.

By “Prefetching” an external domain, browsers can begin connecting and downloading a resource faster. This helps improve load and render times and addresses the Lighthouse recommendation “Preconnect to Required Origins

To use Headstart:

1) Perform a GTMetrix scan or Lighthouse performance audit.

In GTMetrix, inspect the Waterfall tab, identify any scripts that being downloaded/served from an external domain (aka any domain that is not yours). Copy/paste those domains into Headstart > Prefetch DNS

GTMetrix Waterfall Tab will show a list of your scripts

If using Lighthouse or instead, there will be an area “Preconnect to Required Origins”. Copy those domains into Headstart > Prefetch DNS

2) Click save and clear all levels of cache.