How to Activate Themeless (Dequeue + Disable WP Theme Framework)

Themeless lets you bypass WordPress’ theme framework and use Elementor to build your site. We recommend using Pro since Theme Builder and Global Styling replace many useful theme settings.

When THEMELESS is enabled, the WP Theme Framework is disabled and your theme’s CSS & JS files are not loaded on the frontend. This can improve your site performance if your theme was bulky or loaded unneeded code.

Once you’ve activated and licensed the Toolkit for Elementor plugin, you can bypass the WP theme framework with one click.

Step One – Go to Toolkit for Elementor in your site’s dashboard.

Log into your website and hover over “Elementor” in your WP sidebar. Click on the option “Toolkit for Elementor”. This will load your Toolkit for Elementor dashboard.

Step Two – Click on the Themeless tab

There are 5 tabs on your TFE dashboard. Booster, Syncer, Themeless, Toolbox, and License. These tabs are where you can easily update and optimize all your TFE settings.

Step Three – Click the toggle to turn Themeless on.

The page will automatically save, activating Themeless on your site.

Now you can build your site’s header and footer with Elementor’s theme builder. [Not sure where to start? Here’s our guide.]

If you’d like to check if Themeless is active, go to your themes page [Appearance -> Themes].

Now your theme isn’t impacting your site’s style, so the panel is darker. There’s also a button to send you to where you can build your site’s header and footers.

If you’re not sure how to use Elementor’s theme builder or global settings click here to get started.

Some plugins use theme styling when they load. They will work with Themeless active, but may need CSS to look their best.


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