Cache Manager

As of v1.2, ToolKit now has it’s own caching functionality built into Booster. When enabled, ToolKit will create and serve a cached version of your site’s pages.

If you are using any other layer of caching such as Cloudflare (or any CDN), server level caching (Redis, FastCGI, etc), or another caching plugin, we recommend keeping this function turned off.

Automatic Cache Clearing

ToolKit automatically detects available custom post type and will automatically clear everything in the /cache folder when any changes to the select post type are detected.

To clear cache any time any site change is made, set this to “All Post Types”

Exclude Pages from Caching

In this field, users can define what pages to exclude from caching. Some great examples would be /wp-admin, /account, /checkout, /cart.

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