Lazy Loading Media with ToolKit

Lazy Loading speeds up your WP site by loading your media only as they enter the browser viewport.

Although WP v5.5 introduced native Browser-Based Lazy Loading, due to the high viewport threshold settings currently implemented in Chrome and other browsers (up to 8000px!), many users won’t see a big benefit from Browser-Based Lazy Loading since most images below the fold are still loaded. Thus, we recommend testing both settings to see which one works best for your site environment.

ToolKit lets users select which Lazy Load method they prefer.

Simply go to Toolbox > WP Core Manager > Modify Lazy Load to select your preference. Enabling any setting below will automatically update your settings in WP Core Manager to use our lazy load.

LazyLoad Images
Normally, every image loaded on a page is an additional server request (not to mention that images are normally the largest factors in page size and load time).

Enabling this means that every image loaded “below the fold” loads as it enters the browser viewport instead of loading everything upfront. This drastically reduces the number of server requests as well as total page size and load time.

LazyLoad Iframe & Videos
Perfect for reducing loading of javascript and the number of server requests associated with iframes and videos from Youtube and Vimeo.