How to Activate Themeless (Dequeue + Disable WP Theme Framework)

Themeless lets you bypass WordPress’ theme framework and use Elementor’s global styling framework natively with WP to build your site.

When THEMELESS is enabled, the WP Theme Framework is disabled and your theme’s CSS & JS files are not loaded on the frontend. This can improve your site performance if your theme was bulky or loaded unneeded code.

1) Go to Toolkit for Elementor in your site’s dashboard.

Log into your website and hover over “Elementor” in your WP sidebar. Click on the option “Toolkit for Elementor”. This will load your Toolkit for Elementor dashboard.

2) Click on the Theme Manager > Themeless tab

3) Click the toggle to turn Themeless on.

Note: Going Themeless may require some additional setup and tweaking of your template settings. Depending on your plugin + theme stack, your site may or may not be compatible in a themeless state, so please test with caution!

Now that your site is Themeless, click here to check out some of our FAQ’s and Tips.