How to Share Templates using Syncer

Syncer allows users to easily share saved Elementor templates between their other Elementor sites.

Create a Syncer Key to Connect

  1. To share your saved Elementor templates with another ToolKit site or user, simply click on the “Generate a Syncer Key” tab in Syncer.

  2. Define an expiration date for your link and click Generate.

  3. Once you have your link, copy/paste it and either share it with another user, or insert it into your other ToolKit sites.

  4. Click Connect to view all of the saved Elementor templates on that site and begin importing any desired template by clicking “Import”

Bookmark Favorites

  1. Once you’ve connected to a site, you can easily bookmark it for easy future use.

  2. Many of our users love creating a separate WP site (for example- where they can store all of their favorite Elementor templates (Headers, Footers, Single, Archive, etc).

    You can then bookmark this template hub/site in any of your future Elementor sites for easy access.

Having Connection Issues?

1) Check to ensure Booster > Code Cleaner > WP Core Files > Disable REST API is turned OFF

2) Temporarily disable any security plugins you may be using to check if it is blocking Syncer from connecting. If Syncer works after disabling your security plugin, then there is a setting in your security plugin that will need to be temporarily deactivated or customized so that Syncer can connect.

Please check to see if there are any settings that are restricting the WP REST API and temporarily disable.

If you are using iThemes, please ensure that System Tweaks > Long URL Strings is turned OFF:

3) Ensure your site is reachable
Please ensure that your site is live online. Disable anything that may block access to your site such as maintenance mode or security plugins.

4) Still having Syncer issues?
Reach out to our support team and we’ll see what we can find!

Want to learn helpful tips and tricks for Syncer? Check out our KB article here.