Syncer Tips & Ideas

The new Syncer updates introduced in Toolkit v1.1 and v1.2 made importing and sharing your saved templates even easier, and faster.

In this article, we’ll cover some helpful tips and ideas for Syncer that we’ve seen and heard from our users. We’ll continue to update and add onto this list so stay tuned!

Transferring Templates Between Your Sites

Many of our users manage multiple Elementor sites and have already designed tons of Elementor templates. Over time, Elementor users develop a nice library of global headers, footers, single and archive templates and more.

Now, instead of reinventing the wheel with every site, you can simply import your already-made & optimized templates, and customize as needed.

This provides you with a great “head-start” when creating new sites.

Sharing Templates with Clients

Whether on a multi-site network or simply sharing templates, you can use Syncer to provide your clients access to a library of pre-designed templates for their use.

A great way to accomplish this is to create a separate site where you can store all of your favorite Elementor templates (Headers, Footers, Single, Archive, etc). You can even save your favorite Elementor pages as a template and use Syncer to transfer/share entire pages.