ToolKit v1.3 Release Notes

We’re excited to announce that ToolKit v1.3 is now available! This big update includes:

✅ the ability to dequeue unneeded CSS & JS scripts via (Script Ninja),
✅ new WP Login page customization options in Dashing,
✅ performance improvements
✅ general bug fixes and code improvements

View the full changelog here.

Reduce Bloat with Script Ninja

Script Ninja empowers Elementor users to quickly dequeue unneeded CSS & JS scripts on a per page/post level- right within ToolKit.

Simply select a page and click “Display Scripts List” to view all of the CSS and JS files being loaded. Dequeue CSS files that are not needed to shave off bloat faster than ever.

Learn more about Script Ninja here.

Customize WP Login with Dashing

In addition to assigning an Elementor template as a custom WP Dashboard Widget, Dashing now includes the ability to customize the WP Login page in two ways:

1) Customize the look and branding of the WP Login page
2) Enhance site security by changing your WP Login URL

Updates & Improvements

✅ v1.3 includes big updates to most areas of Booster including Minification, Lazy Load, and Caching libraries.

✅ ToolKit is now significantly leaner with our latest updates and improvements resulting in nearly a 50% improvement in plugin file size.

✅ We’ve also included compatibility with Elementor v3.1’s new features including their Experiments such as Improved Asset Loading and the new Landing Pages workflow.

As with any big updates, please remember to perform a backup. Also, don’t forget to clear all layers of caching (browser, server, CDN, etc) after updating!