Troubleshooting Guide

When it comes to WordPress, there are many possible causes for bugs or glitches- WP Core updates, Theme updates, any myriad of plugin updates (and conflicts with each other), changes to coding standards (ex: PHP 5.x getting pushed to 7.x), and more.

Even though ToolKit is an add-on for Elementor, our plugin actually is quite stable due to the fact that our plugin is very modular (all features can be toggled on or off depending on user preference or site environment).

If you are experiencing an issue on your Elementor site that happens to be using ToolKit, the first step will be to identify whether or not your issue is caused by:

1) ToolKit
2) Elementor core,
3) Theme incompatibility,
4) Plugin Conflicts, or
5) Any combination of the before-mentioned items

We’ve made a simple “Troubleshooting List” that can help you quickly identify the issue and hopefully how to fix.

Troubleshooting List:

  1. First, deactivate ToolKit & clear all cache- then check if your issue still exists.

    If so, then the issue is not caused by ToolKit, but something else. Proceed to Step 3.

    If deactivating ToolKit solves your issue, then proceed to Step 2.

  2. Search our Knowledgebase to see if the problem you are experiencing has already been documented and solved.

    If so- awesome!

    If not, then review what settings are currently enabled in ToolKit, and deactivate one-by-one to see if your issue is caused by one of the settings.

    If the issue is caused by a CSS or JS optimization, then you can either deactivate that particular performance feature- OR identify which files/scripts should be excluded from optimization.

    Bonus Points: If you happen to identify any third-party plugin scripts that should be excluded from optimization, please let our support team know!

    If you are still experiencing issues, then your issue may most likely be coming from a plugin conflict. Proceed to the next step.

  3. Review Elementor’s Troubleshooting Guide and search to see if your problem has already been addressed.

    Also, check to see if the bug you are experiencing is a Known Elementor Bug. It is possible that with recent updates to WP core, Elementor core, and PHP, that there are known issues that are impacting Elementor users in general.

  4. If you are still having issues or have a question that isn’t answered by any of the above- then please proceed to Report a Bug or chat with support.